Your fathers have nothing on my father-in-law.

14 responses to “Your fathers have nothing on my father-in-law.”

  1. snailwithmonocle says:

    The two top comments helped me:

  2. jonsmithorig says:

    Dat gut

  3. Onesickpup says:

    Dwight Shrute, Miami Five-0

  4. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch says:

    As a girl, say hello to your new brother-in-law in approximately 9 months.

  5. yorkshireterrier says:

    And boom goes the dynamite.

  6. GuybrushThreepwoodAMightyPirate says:

    Is that a lesbian with a ‘stache?

  7. EDP445 says:

    CuntDestr0yer, the later years.

  8. PounderMcNasty says:


  9. stickemwiththepointyend says:

    White trash Millionaire

  10. Gael78II says:

    Never thought I’d see a Mustang II on imgur!

  11. Ansgar says:

    “I’m here to eat cheeseburgers and fuck shit up, and i just finished my cheeseburger.”

  12. momanator says:

    Mustang II. Even Ford fucks up sometimes.

  13. Thor561 says:

    Mac 10, shoulder holster, epic ‘stache, and a Mustang II. This guy knows where the party is at.

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