When my brother starts to bring up politics at Thanksgiving dinner

18 responses to “When my brother starts to bring up politics at Thanksgiving dinner”

  1. PandaNinja says:

    The next election is in 4 years! Start living in the future!

  2. mymomthinksimspecial says:

    zip it. zip it. zip it. zipizipizipitt. zip it.

  3. SqueakShow says:

    Ladies and gentleman of the jury, ex-zipit A.

  4. n0regretskoala says:

    I just found out I am Trusted!!! And here I was thinking you guys didnt like me…

  5. themonkeyisoutofthebottle says:

    shut your mouth. sh. shu. shut. shut your mouth for one second. shu. shut. shut your mouth… your’e coming off stupid!

  6. ativan says:

    Your brother seems to be posting to Imgur a lot lately too.

  7. mytwobugaboos says:

    Please, for the love of god, wizards of Imgur please add little stick figure ninjas!

  8. igotsdemden says:

    I love this man. I am aware that he is nearly the same in everything, but that ok because it just means I love him in everything :)

  9. RedHotChiliPeppers says:

    “The election was 2 weeks ago! Quit living in the past!”

  10. IfHavingALongUsernameIsCoolConsiderMeMilesDavis says:

    With upvotes.

  11. CommanderLiteral says:

    How I feel watching people argue about it: http://i.imgur.com/rHS0V.gif

  12. ecoolguy1 says:

    I imagine a bee flying around

  13. mymomthinksimspecial says:

    i think it’s safe to bring up politics at a politics event

  14. MrMcGibblets says:

    “Don’t bring up Paul Ryan!!”

  15. Gornrilla says:

    With nun chucks.

  16. RobotCircus says:

    When anyone starts to bring up politics at any event ever…

  17. fuzzyplushroom says:

    Thumbnail had me hoping for a bitchslap. This works too.

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