Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin Talked About Rape 21 Times In A 10-Minute Interview


He needs to shut that whole thing down.

Former Republican Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri, who was the Republican nominee for Senate in Missouri before his candidacy was completely derailed by comments about “legitimate rape,” defended those comments Thursday on MSNBC.

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill trounced Rep. Todd Akin by more than 15 percentage points on her way to re-election in 2012; Akin struggled after saying in an interview that women’s bodies could naturally prevent pregnancies in the case of “legitimate rape.”

Now Akin is back and on tour promoting his book Firing Back, in which he explains he was actually correct when said women’s bodies prevent pregnancies in cases of rape.

In a 10-minute-long interview on MSNBC Thursday again not only rushed to defend his comments — “legitimate rape is a law enforcement term” — but also attacked both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Throughout the course of the interview, Akin mentioned “rape,” “rapist,” and “raped” more than 20 times.

Here’s a supercut of the brutal interview:

Video available at:×350.mp4.

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