This Family Spends $52,000 a Year JUST on Groceries, but They Wouldn’t Trade It for a Million Bucks.

I’ve never seen a couple with bigger hearts than these two–29 adopted kids plus 5 of their own? #remarkable

Meet the Briggs, a West Virginia family led by a mom and dad with hearts for suffering children. About 30 years ago, Paul and Jeane Briggs started adopting special-needs and older children from around the world. Now, including their five biological kids, they’re at a grand total of 34, and they’re not even thinking about stopping now.


The Briggs children range in age from 35 to 4 and hail from Mexico, Ghana, Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria. Many of the adopted children are diagnosed with disabilities ranging from cleft palates to polio to autism to cancer. Others are simply older or considered “hard to place.” The Briggs started adopting children when Jeane met Abraham, a 2-year-old Mexican orphan who was blind and abused. Since then, she and Paul have traveled the world and simply haven’t been able to say “no” to the suffering children that cross their paths.


Jeane says this family life is exactly what she was created for and “what God designed for us.” She calls her life “intense” and “crazy, but we love it,” and she gives all the credit and glory to God. “We continue to allow our story to be shared because it is not at all about us or our inspiring children but all about the amazing God we serve,” wrote Jeane on her blog.

And God is definitely providing. Despite feeding 30 people three times a day and with various surgeries and medical care needed for each child, the family uses no government-provided assistance of any kind. “We do have a hope and a joy as we walk through these struggles and life because of our deep Christian faith and love of Jesus Christ.”


The Briggs will bring home two more children from Ghana—both with orthopedic issues—in the coming weeks, bringing the total to 36.


“We do wish more people would consider adoption, especially the child with special needs or the older teens,” she writes. “We know that not everyone can live the way we do, but everyone can do more for a child or children. … Don’t get just a warm feeling from reading about us. Don’t feel guilty either … spend some time with the Lord and ask Him for direction.”

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This Family Spends $52,000 a Year JUST on Groceries, but They Wouldn’t Trade It for a Million Bucks.
Toni Ridgaway
When this mom of 34 says, "Nobody is going to want this child. Can we bring him home?" … wow, something inside of me broke.

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