The Last 2 Words In ‘House Of Cards’ Season 5 Indicate A Major Shift In The Show

Step aside, Frank theres a new playerin charge.

At the end of a particularly tense and chaotic fifth season, marked a major shift in power with two simple words before fading to black.

Season 5 is marked by its constant shifts in whos sitting in the Oval Office first, its Frank, then its nearly Will Conway, and then Claire even steps in for a bit. But through it all, the power has always been squarely in Franks hands, as he manipulates government loopholes and elaborate blackmail strategies to stay in control.

But at the end of the season, it looks like Franks downfall is certain, as a new power has risen in the White House.

SPOILER ALERT: Obviously, this post will spoil the Season 5 finale of.


The new season leaves us with a new President Underwood, as Claire takes over the position from her husband. Though Claire becomes POTUS about halfway through the season, its still clear she and Frank are working together to get him back inofficeso they can run the country together, but that all changes in the finale.

After Frank confesses to his crimes, he tells Claire he has a plan for them to continue running the country if she pardons him. After much trepidation and worry about how the public would view her for granting a pardon to her husband, she finally promises Frank shell do it.

But when it comes time to give her first speech as President, Claire neglects to pardon Frank. He watches on angrily from a hotel room nearby, swearing that hell kill her if he doesnt get his pardon.


The season ends with Claire getting multiple phone calls from Frank, all of which she ignores. She hangs up her cell phone one last time and looks to the camera, uttering the two words that will draw the battle lines on which Season 6 will likely be fought:

My turn.

Yep its Claires turn to run the country, and also seemingly her turn to become the main character of.

She speaks the line directly to the audience, in an act of fourth-wall-breaking that has become Franks trademark. Claire first broke the fourth wall with a look at the audience in the Season 4 finale, and then she talks to us for a brief moment earlier in Season 5, saying that she knows we are watching but is wary of us.


Now that Claire is in power, cutting her ties with Frank, and talking to us directly, it seems clear shes the character were going to be following when the show comes back for another season. Although, given Franks deadly threat at the end of the episode, he wont be going down without a fight.

I guess theyre well beyond the point of marriage counseling, huh?

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