PR Firm That Prevents Media From Smearing Black Teenagers Probably Should Exist (Video)

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If you’ve been paying attention to the news in the past few hundred years or so, you’ve probably noticed that there has always been a bit of a contentious relationship between our nation’s minorities and members of law enforcement.

Incidents like the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, MO, have resulted in a closer look at how police are trained to react in similar situations, but the media’s coverage of the incident has also attracted its fair share of scrutiny.

Certain outlets (like the ones that think stealing cigars is a valid reason to shoot someone) have a tendency to use less than flattering pictures of the victims in these cases.

Fair warning: If you’ve ever been photographed wearing a hoodie or smoking literally anything, there’s a good chance it will end up on national television when trouble arises.

That’s why you need a public relations firm that will make sure the media portrays you in a positive light, like this one from Funny or Die.

You might be the victim of a grave injustice, but at least you’ll look good while being persecuted.

via Funny or Die

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