PolitiBetch: Hillary Clinton Gets a Shoe Thrown at Her and Other Important Political News

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Here’s your important political news for the week.

Hillary Clinton has a shoe thrown at her

Last week in Vegas, Hillary Clinton became the victim of a shoe thrower. While the reason the shoe was thrown is pretty unclear, the woman responsible was promptly taken into federal custody. Hillary being the political robot seasoned politician that she is, laughed off the incident and made jokes like “Is that part of Cirque du Soleil?” and “Good thing she didn’t play softball like I did”. Ohhh, Hillary. At least your ducking skills are better than your comedy. Seriously though, betches, watch the video. No matter what your view on Hillary Clinton is, it’s still hilarious to see someone try and wack her in the face with a gym shoe. Read article >>

Colorado pot farmers are convincing evangelicals to support marijuana legislation

“No, man. It’s, like, from the earth. God wants you to be stoned.”

Ok, no one actually said that. But we can assume that the Stanley Brothers, a family of five evangelical Christians/ marijuana growers, have said something along those lines to their fellow churchgoers. Interestingly, the Stanley’s approach seems to be influencing their local evangelicals to be more accepting of marijuana legislation. As Slate’s Matt Mellema reported, “talking to a dozen or so [community members] makes me think that the feelings of young evangelicals are shifting as fast as many others of their generation”. Nicely done, Stanley bros. Best of all, this attitude shift has come just in time for Sunday, which marks both Easter and April 20th. Something tells me Easter at the Stanley’s is going to get pretty weird this year. Read article >>

WTF is happening in Ukraine Part-whatever-we-lost-count

Things are heating up in Ukraine again. Last week, pro-Russian militants seized several Ukrainian government buildings despite a deadline put in place by Ukraine’s prez telling them to GTFO. As of this morning, Ukraine’s prez has called for deployment of UN peace-keeping troops in the country’s eastern region where the insurgents have reportedly occupied as many as ten buildings.Really, Russia? Do you ALWAYS need to be such an attention whore? Ukraine still doesn’t want you! You’re a mean girl, Russia, you’re a bitch! Read article >>

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