New ‘Making A Murderer’ Evidence Suggests Teresa Halbach Left The Avery Property Alive

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Since the ‘Making a Murderer’ hype first began, numerous theories have emerged attempting to prove Stephen Avery and Brendan Dassey’s innocence.

But this is the first one in a while that’s really made me stop and think.

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Kathleen Zellner, a wrongful convictions lawyer, has been working hard on the much-debated case in hope ofshedding further light on what actually happened to Teresa Halbach. She told Newsweek that she plans to present new evidence, that shows Teresa’s mobile pinging a cell tower 12 miles away from the Avery property, raising serious questions about the timelines previously presented in court:

Its absolutely shocking to see cellphone records that were part of the discovery that were turned over to the defense that document her route leaving the property… She goes back the same way she came, shes 12 miles from the property on the last ping. They screwed it up.

Its really hard to figure out how in the world did the defense not seize on this. It would have created reasonable doubt.

She added that these records suggest that Teresa left the Avery Salvage Yard alive. As we know, there was only a small window of time in which Stephen could have killed Teresa, meaning that records of her phone being away from the property add further confusion to an already convoluted case. Furthermore, it completely disrupts the previous story held-up in court that Teresa was murdered on the property.

Ever since taking on the case Zellner has pushed her findings onto the public (mainly via Twitter) to further feed the debate around the case, but in a few months she will be presenting her case at the Manitowoc County court and another chapter in the ‘Making a Murderer’ story will begin.

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