Nervous 13-year-old Comes Out to His Friend via Text, Gets an Unexpected Response

It’s hard enough for a 13-year-old boy to come to the realization that he’s gay and then try to figure out how to tell the world. But it’s even harder to do that in Singapore, a country that’s well known as a conservative nation where same-sex sexual activity is still against the law.

So when this young man in Singapore nervously texted his friend with his revelation, he wasn’t sure what kind of response he would get…

Coming Out Tweet 1

Coming Out Tweet 2

Coming Out Tweet 3a

When the friend showed the texts to his sister, she was deeply moved and asked for permission to post them to Twitter with the boys’ names removed. They said yes, and over 36,000 retweets later, it’s clear that┬ápeople around the world have been just as touched as she was by the young man’s courage and by his friend’s simple, definite acceptance and encouragement.

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4 responses to “Nervous 13-year-old Comes Out to His Friend via Text, Gets an Unexpected Response”

  1. wut says:

    singapore and talking like that at 13? doubt it.

  2. MaryMitch says:

    What a wonderful response – what a wonderful friend!

  3. Ted says:

    There are still a large number of people who not only disagree with, but are vehemently opposed to the gay lifestyle. However, younger generations are less and less inclined to be so. I feel like people who oppose homosexuality have, essentially, already lost.

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