Iran’s Government Is Urging Iranians To Sign Up For #RouhaniCare

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No word on how the website is doing.

1. The Obama administration may be consumed by Obamacare drama — but over in Iran, President Hassan Rouhani is reigniting a campaign to promote his self-described universal “Rouhani Care” initiative. There is not yet a website with detailed timelines.

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Last week, Iranian media released this broadcast of Rouhani visiting hospital patients while promoting his plan to cover all citizens by 2018. “I want them to come to work in the name of the country, for the country, for the people and not solely for themselves.”

2. This week, Iran’s Minister of Labor joined the trend and urged uninsured Iranians to sign up with the government plan, BBC Persian reported. At least 6 million Iranians lack healthcare coverage, according to government statistics.

Arash Karami @thekarami

Iran's Minister of Labor announces Health Care for everyone. #RouhaniCare was no joke it seems.

3. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani first popularized #RouhaniCare when he tweeted on Feb. 5 that Iran would be providing all citizens of Iran — where Twitter is technically banned — with universal healthcare.

Hassan Rouhani @HassanRouhani

Gov will extend medical insurance to all Iranians. First step will be to cover 5mn uninsured Iranians by the social safety net #RouhaniCare

4. Iran’s President has a reputation for being a pragmatic reformer — and an avid hashtag-diplomacy user. His supporters have also likened him to Obama before. The Obamacare joke was not lost — even to Iranians circumventing the Twitter ban.

Hossein Haghighat @Doonesht

از #Obamacare تا #RouhaniCare طرح بیمه سلامت برای همه ایرانیان از امروز چهارشنبه آغاز شد .

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