Bernie Sanders Gets Emotional On Why Hillary Is The Best Choice For Our Planet

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On Thursday, 350 Action shared an exclusive video with Elite Daily featuring Senator Bernie Sanders, in which he speaks about the importance of addressing climate change and makes a powerful case for Hillary Clinton.

In the video, Sanders states,

This is an enormously important election and the choices are very clear.

You may not agree with everything Hillary Clinton stands for, but on every important issueher views are far, far better than Donald Trumps

Thats true on economic issues, thats true on healthcare issues it is especially true on environmental issues and on issues dealing with climate change.

Its not exactly a secret the primary season was very contentious, and Sanders certainly disagreed with Hillary Clinton on a number of issues including climate change.

But, as Sanders notes in the video, Donald Trump wont even acknowledge climate change is real.

The Republican presidential nominee has frequently characterized climate change as a hoax, and his economic plans could have a devastating impact on the environment.

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