Another Bush Is Running For President

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Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, is “actively considering” running for president in 2016. He announced his potential candidacy on Tuesday via Facebook, further proving that old people don’t fucking understand social media.

If you didn’t catch the last name, Jeb is the son of George Bush, Sr. and brother of George W., which would make him the third Bush to sit in Fitz's office if he won. It would appear that the Bush’s take family rivalry even more seriously than the Roosevelt’s. Just imagine how Thanksgiving goes at their house.

Because that tapped out my standing knowledge of politics, I just thought I’d point out that Jeb is possibly the least presidential sounding name of all time, closely followed by Guy or Chet. Like, “this is the leader of the free world, Jeb. When he's not busy deciding the fate of the country, you can find him at the nearest fishing hole.” But I'm sure his politics are totally on point.



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